Pre-Conference Bus Tours

A Tour is Worth a Thousand (or More) Words

Curious about living in Cohousing communities and want to learn more about them? Join knowledgeable Cohousing resident leaders for a full day and 2 half day tours visiting local Cohousing communities and meeting residents.

Mini-workshops on wheels… Our co-leaders will give participants a chance to introduce themselves, share some general information about cohousing, answer questions, raise topics for participants to discuss with their seatmates and prepare them for observations they will want to make during their 45-minute visit to each community. We also distribute a fact sheet and site plan before arriving at each site. 

Bus Tours load nearby hotel.

All-Day Thursday: SOLD OUT
West Portland
8:15 AM – 4:30 PM – w/ lunch

Green Grove Cohousing

Green Grove Cohousing Community, an intergenerational community still seeking new members, is currently building on five-acre semi-rural setting close-in to a historic college town in the wine country of NW Oregon with Mt. Hood view and abundant wildlife, 26 miles from Portland. Large, lovely historic common house newly refurbished with geothermal heating and cooling, plus energy efficient features. Established trees, landscaping, community art studio, orchard, garden, wood shop, and outbuildings with easy access to wooded trails, and lots of open space for additional outdoor amenities. The first three free-standing homes between 900 sq. ft and 1400 sq. ft. are completed, and three more are scheduled to begin construction in July 2019, and available for pre-sale. Three additional buildable tracts are also available.

Trillium Hollow

Trillium Hollow is one of Portland’s most long standing cohousing community established in 1998. At Trillium we value participation and community spirit. We recycle, we compost, we care for our humble 3 ¾ acre wooded property and we care about each other. We work hard at being a community. It takes an emotional hardiness to thrive here and we love it.  Our main building holds 28 condominium units ranging in size from studios to four bedroom town houses. There is also a separate 29th Unit. We have a hot tub with adjoining shower and bathroom. Our spacious 5000 sq. ft. Common House serves as a place for community meetings and bi-weekly meals. It holds three guest rooms, two children’s play rooms and a modest library. We have a community garden and underground parking in the main building which is also equipped with an elevator.

Cascadia Commons

Cascadia Commons was established in 2000, Cascadia Commons includes a dedicated wetlands and songbird habitat, optional shared meals in the beautiful dining hall, a furnished workshop for creative projects, comfortable guest quarters, expansive patios equipped with BBQ and hot tub, child centered play spaces (both indoors and out), a gathering room for games and movie viewing, a spacious aerie for yoga or meditation, cozy library with fireplace for relaxation, and shared gardens with veggies and flowers.  We have 26 households, a 3,400 sq. ft common house and 1 acre wetlands and bird sanctuary, play areas, parking, community garden, a woodshop, and more.

Daybreak Cohousing

Daybreak Cohousing is a 10 year old, dense, urban village in North Portland with a physical design that encourages social interaction. Our 30 homes have most of the features of conventional homes plus we also enjoy extensive common facilities.  We also enjoy a reasonable amount of open space for our urban setting. A huge, 50-year-old maple is at the center of our property. We have open green areas, gardens, a roof terrace, small gathering areas, play areas, a large outdoor terrace off the 7,000 sf ft common house.

Friday AM or PM: $75
Affordable Strategies
8:00 AM or 1:30 PM

Peninsula Park Commons

Peninsula Park Commons is a nine-unit combination of rehabilitation of an existing apartment building and new construction. apartment building located in the heart of the Piedmont Neighborhood. In the summer of 2004 the property was converted to condominiums, and units were sold to individuals, couples, and families.

Cully Grove

Cully Grove opened in 2016 is multi-generational solar powered garden community in NE Portland. On nearly 2 acres at NE 48th and Going St. 16 homes and a shared common house surrounds a large garden. This “farm in the city” provide fun and bountiful gardening for urban homesteaders of all ages.

Mason Street

Mason Street is a newly constructed, 14-home, eco-friendly, condominium community designed in partnership with Communitecture which includes a common building, central courtyard, a guesthouse and secure indoor & outdoor areas. Design of the site and its common amenities is intended to facilitate community building and interaction among residents.

Friday AM or PM: $75
E. Portland – In Town
8:00 AM or 1:30 PM

Columbia Ecovillage

Columbia Ecovillage is an urban cohousing community in the Cully neighborhood of northeast Portland, cultivating supportive relationships with each other, our community, and the Earth. Our 37 homes are condominiums, renovated in 2008 from a 1970s apartment complex for energy efficiency and healthy air quality. The 3.73 acre site provides ample space for large gardens, nut and fruit trees and grapes and berry patches. Growing food on their land is a major community value.

Ankeny Row

Ankeny Row is a senior, net-zero pocket community recently constructed on a small urban infill site. It includes six craftsman-style townhomes, a shared common building and a garden and courtyard. All of the buildings were designed as Passive Houses, utilizing a combination of super-insulated and airtight construction, heat-recovery ventilation and passive solar heating. As a result, the buildings’ heating loads have been reduced by 90% compared to typical new homes. The buildings will produce all of their own energy from rooftop solar arrays, allowing them to achieve net-zero energy performance.

PDX Commons

PDX Commons is a newly constructed, 27-unit, senior project is located on a ½ acre urban infill site in Southeast Portland. The values include cohousing, walkable urbanism and aging in community. Our concrete and steel building is four stories with “stacked flats” and over 5000 SF of common space. We enjoy a container garden on a large second floor patio and a Sky Deck with a “farm on the roof.”The Community eats together several times a week and enjoys numerous other community activities. Our site also includes a 1,000 SF retail space facing the street.

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