Useful Tools to Help Spread the Word

Ways you can help spread the word

We think cohousing is something everyone benefits from, so this year we’re going out of our way to try to reach out to people of all ages, especially millennials and young families.  Please share your natural enthusiasm for cohousing in the ways that you are already connecting with people including friends, family and community-members as well as to your community’s e-mail list and followers on Social Media.

It’s a good idea to start by becoming familiar with what the conference offers and how to get around the website. The homepage has a good summary including Pre-Conference Tours and Intensives and Post-Conference Open Houses. There’s even a video that shows you how to get around and create your own personal agenda once you’ve registered and created an account. The Full Schedule is a good place to browse.

  • We are using #cohocon2019 as our primary hashtag on all media. You can also use #cohousing.
  • Subscribe to the CohoUS Facebook page and share these posts on your own Facebook page. We are posting there about every other day.
  • While on Facebook join the CohoUS Group and participate in discussions about the conference.
  • If you are able to record a 60-90 second video about why you love cohousing or why you’re attending the conference, please upload it to the Facebook Group and we’ll make sure it gets spread far and wide!
  • You can also follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram and then share what you see.
  • We have a new YouTube Channel where there are full hour long videos of the WebChats as well as 30 second promo videos about the conference.
  • If you’re active on the CohoUS List Serve please feel free to mention your interest and questions on there as well.

Professional Media

If you’re with a media outlet and inquiring about Media Passes, please use the Contact Form and General Inquiry as the subject line. In the message let us know who you are with, what your reach is and if you can help us promote in advance of the conference and/or if you’re looking to interview people at the conference for an article afterwards.

Conference Resources

Cohousing Resources

Sharing is Caring!

You can choose whichever image below is appropriate for you and use it to share on your own social media. Simply right-click to save the image. Be sure to send folks to the website.

If you’re attending, speaking or sponsoring the conference please be sure to grab the appropriate image below and share liberally on your social media! It’s most effective when you include a personal note about why you’re attending, or sponsoring, etc.

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