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Are you a young professional who values living in community? Are you a parent who wants your kids to grow up in a car-free neighborhood where with green space and neighbors you know and trust? We want to hear from you.

Cohousing NextGen is a conversation with a younger generation of people who want something different than single-family house in the suburb. We are currently building the initiative and we’d love for you to join us. We believe that cohousing can be a rewarding and affordable housing choice for those who are buying a house for the first time or for a young professional who just moved to town and everyone in between.

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Why is cohousing for me?

I’m the mom of an awesome young adult that is a huge sports fan, loves music and is most likely one of the most ‘present and in-the-moment’ people that you will ever meet. My daughter also experiences disability. She will have paid assistants throughout her life that...

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Raising Kids in Community

Sometimes people will ask my kids what it’s like growing up in cohousing and they receive a blank stare. Not because they asked a question of a 15 year old and 17 year old, but because my kids know no other life, except in cohousing. My oldest was two years old when...

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Raising kids in cohousing

For most of my daughter’s life she has known about cohousing. We moved in when she was 9. But we had been planning it since she was 3. During construction she asked me almost daily whether she was going to (fill in the blank) or tell me what she was going to do when...

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Jenny Bevacqua – Portland, OR

I'm a mother, activist, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Portland, Oregon. I live in a forested cohousing community with my partner, 2 sons and our elderly dog. We choose cohousing because it's aligns with our values as well as desires for community. Our...

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Lindy Sexton – Grass Valley, CA

Lindy is a millennial and grew up within a tight-knit community in Minnesota. She is an outreach and business management consultant and enjoys working on community-driven initiatives and environmental causes. Through her work Lindy has had the opportunity to meet...

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Co-living: A Growing Trend in Affordable Housing

By Trudy Hussmann As a student or young adult, did you ever live in a dorm or shared house to save on costs? Now called co-living, this form of housing is becoming more popular again. And it’s not just because it’s an affordable option, but also because it offers...

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NextGen Cohousing Advocate

By Mariah McKay Cohousing offers families and individuals a greater quality of life through collaboration. It shows that we can live better in community, and that is important in a culture that has gone too far in propping up a myth of invulnerability through...

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