Cohousing is a way to organize residential communities that provides the community we need to thrive while ensuring the privacy we enjoy. On Friday, May 31, get inspired by cohousing architect Grace Kim’s free public talk about the value of living in community. After Grace’s talk, at at 8:30 PM Pacific, head down the street and join Cohousing NextGen for informal conversation at Shift Drinks.

Who are we?

We are a group of young familes and adults who believe that life is better when we intentionally build community with our neighbors. Come meet the members of Cohousing NextGen and find yourself in the future of cohousing. We live in a mix of major cities, small towns, and rural areas. Some of us have lived in cohousing for decades and some are in the process of building the communities we will live in for the next 20 years. Some are parents, and some are child-free. What we share in common is a desire to create more opportunities for younger people to thrive in cohousing communities. Learn more about us on this page: where you can be added to our mailing list.

Why take part in the Cohousing NextGen conversation?

Do you have young children and need a reliable sitter? Have you recently moved to your neighborhood for your first job and are searching for a community? Are you and your friends wondering how you can live near each other without having to share a room? Cohousing addresses these concerns and by sharing resources, like a common kitchen and a garden, living in cohousing can actually save you money. There are more than 200 established cohousing communities across the U.S., many of which want to attract more young residents. Meanwhile, countless new communities are being created to house the next generation.

Curious? Join us!

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