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A longtime UU and Cohousing advocate, Joani Blank wrote this article Cohousing: What’s so UU about it? In it she mentions “I’ve long noticed that Unitarian Universalists seem to be over-represented in cohousing groups-in-formation and in completed communities. In my community we are six households out of twenty, or more than 25 percent).  A few months ago I raised this question on a cohousing e-mail discussion list, and the discussion that ensued supported my observation. One interesting fact is that in a number of places, the “burning souls” who had started the community were UUs.” She also talks about several values she identified as shared by Unitarian Universalists and most cohousers in four of UU’s seven principles. 

FREE Friday Night Public Event

This is a great opportunity for those new to cohousing and living in the Portland area. Learn about Cohousing: Creating Community One Neighborhood at a Time, at this free public talk by Grace Kim. This free public talk will be held at Eliot Chapel.

FREE Cohousing Open Houses

Seven cohousing communities will be holding open houses from 3:30 – 5 pm on Sunday June 2 (Green Grove  –  2 pm- 6 pm). Stop by after the Conference, meet more cohousers, take a tour, view homes and find out more about how cohousing really operates.

Something for Everyone

Looking for community with other UU-minded folks? Young families and seniors alike find it in Cohousing. Learn about cohousing, how to get started or plug into forming or existing communities. Explore the website and register for the conference.